Visual Information Design for VIMA

VIMA is a spinoff from the Idiap Research Institute in Martigny. It provides companies with behavioural intelligence tools that understand human behaviour in different contexts, resulting in better processes and interactions with customers. Current applications are in Human Resources, Automotive, Fintech, Market Research as well as in the medical and safety industries. Using state-of-the-art speech processing, computer vision and behavioural psychology, VIMA has developed proprietary AI algorithms that replicate how experts evaluate soft skills and personality traits of people.

Built on the given corporate design-elements – the logo and the color red were provided – we built an informative and harmonic design system.

A precise and souvereign look reflects VIMAs claim for sophistication, excellence and seriousness. Soft gradients and round shapes are creating a light yet dynamic but not too technical appearance.

The VIMA lifeform – your personality profile

The VIMA AI-engine automatically provides valuable, scientifically-validated information. The results are multi-dimensional, covering 27 skills and traits. Our goal was to visualize these values in a tangible, emotional way. This is how we developed the VIMA lifeform.


One human being – one personal, individual shape
The VIMA lifeform  playfully represents the result of the individual assessment. Your distinct personality traits and soft skills are plotted in a circular shape. Such all values are visible at a glance.


Some early design explorations of the VIMA lifeform …

… leading to the final design.

VIMA backend Applications

The interfaces need to show complex data in a most understandable way. Various Dashboards were developed, that serve a clear purpose: presenting valuable data while at the same time meeting highest aesthetic standards.

Visual Information Design

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