Villeroy & Boch Iconset

Villeroy & Boch iconography is used to communicate with users fast and visuell. The icons compliment the overall layout and guide the user to an easy accessible digital experience. They come to use on all digital projects by Villeroy & Boch.

The icons are constructed within a 25×25 grid. The stroke weight is 1px of that grid, increasing in width proportionately as the icon scales.

In designing we follow 4 simple rules: The icons are always flat (no 3D nor perspective look), always have an outline (although some minor items can be filled) and they don’t have hard edges – instead the corners are always round.

Icons can to be used in positive and negative variations. When used positive, they can be set to various colors – all depending at which Villeroy & Boch website they are implemented and what functions are assigned to them. However, when icons are used in negative form, their color is always set to be white.

Concept, Art Direction

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