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heimoto - home page relaunch

For more than 100 years, the Zurich adult education center has been committed to demanding, intrinsically motivated adult education. The program focuses on cultural and humanistic general education at university level, foreign languages, design, movement and personality development. A selection of up to 1’000 courses is available to the people of Zurich. This year saw the start of the digital transformation with the relaunch of the website and a slight rebrush of the brand, elevating the branding elements into the digital age.

From all-in-one to a sleek and smart course booking engine

After a detailed analysis of user behavior, we learned that 90% of traffic is linked to classes. All other contents can be neglected or better deleted. This decision transforms the new website into the course program only. Class and teacher information, booking and administration are now in the focus. Blog and other marketing content is outscourced to social media channels, always with the aim of getting users to book a course.

The user is received directly with an intelligent search mask to find the desired class. The search tool offers a clever filter to limit the selection.

A streamlined logo, a new red and font

The Logo was only retouched in details. The 8 squares stayed but were freed from the constructed lettering inside. The dominant color red stayed, the tone was slightly turned into a more orange one. The Roboto font family ist used from slab over semibold to regular to meet the presentation of various information on the page. Last but not least, the new icons play a large part in the design style. The simplicity shown in a straight, bold, black&white outline  – used wisley and not inflationary brings a perfect user guidance.

Research, Concept, Design, Frontend Development

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🥉 Bronze – user experience, Best of Swiss Web, 2023

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