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vangard | Littler – Digital brand refresh

vangard | Littler stands as a prominent commercial law firm in Germany, specializing in labor law. heimoto was commissioned to develop a design system incorporating original design elements.

Typography Refinement

As part of the branding evolution, we introduced a new typeface «IBM Plex Sans», with enhanced readability in the digital realm, to complement the existing primary font – Skolar PE.  Skolar PE is now employed with precision, primarily for headlines and the accentuation of important words, while IBM Plex Sans takes a prominent role in headlines, subheadlines, and body text.

Streamlined Elements

Two key elements of the corporate design have been streamlined. Firstly, we have opted for a more neutral greige, diminishing the prominence of the color yellow. This, in conjunction with black and white, forms a harmonious color palette.

Additionally, our primary shape, the pentagram, is now used more sparingly but with greater impact. It has transformed into an iconic symbol, consistently presented in yellow on various touchpoints.

Infusing Personality

To inject more emotion and authenticity into the brand, we’ve incorporated photography and dynamic imagery. Portrait sketches of the  employees have been replaced with modern, flash-style portrait photography. This transformation adds a distinctive and contemporary touch to the vangard Littler brand identity.

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