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ProCoRe – National Office Sexwork

ProCoRe (Prostitution Collective Reflection) a human rights-based and non-profit association is the national network advocating the interests of sex workers in Switzerland. ProCoRe is committed to improving the living and working conditions of sex workers and recognizes sex work as a social reality and a professional activity. At the same time, it fights exploitation, human trafficking and stigmatization of sex workers.


Within the relaunch of the website we created a new logo and defined consistent visual basics for the brand. The new logo is constructed from the Rubik font and conveys a strong and positive message. The red umbrella is internationally known as a symbol for the rights of sex workers. It is added at the position of a trademark and thus creates a clear association with this topic. In addition, the umbrella is used as a recurring graphic element, in a wide variety of sizes and functions.

The design language is mainly characterized by a strong color scheme. The powerful warm red and black-mix is combined with a soft cream color for the background. Derived from the typface styles – roundish corners and bold characteristics –  icons are designed to guide the user through the interactions.


The website separates in 2 sections in order to address the respective target group in a purposeful manner.

On the one hand, sex workers are addressed directly on the homepage – in 12 different languages – and forwarded to a dedicated page, helping them to easily find their nearest adivce-center.

On the other hand, there is detailed information about the NGO itself. The media, politics, foundations, etc. should be informed comprehensively and professionally here. As expected, the content consists almost entirely of text. The challenge was to make these overloaded sections attractive, light and easy to grasp for the user.

Therefore, editorial elements such as large headlines, lead-ins, marked passages of text, quotes etc. were designed to structure the pages. Defined micro-interactions and animations make the site appear light and contribute to a better user experience.

Content Strategy
Brand Design, IA, UX Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Motion Design
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Bronze – Public Value, Best of Swiss Web, 2021
Special Mention – Excellent Communication Design Web, German Design Award, 2023

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