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Kevin in the Woods – functional fashion.

The store located in downtown Zurich brings a unique take on urban high street fashion with outdoor inspired functionality. The shop offers a premium range of carfully selected brands and high quality products for a dynamic and urban lifestyle, where fashion elements bond with functional textiles and innovative state-of-the-art fabrications in contemporary style. For some of the brands, Kevin in the Woods is the only retail outlet on the european continent, therefore the offer is quite exceptional.

The online product catalogue features a best-of selection of the stores collection. To keep the websites appearance dynamic and surprising, we came up with a concept, that reflects both, the wide range of products and its functional aspects. Upon entering the website, the user gets a specifically selected sub-set of prodcuts, matching the current live weather in Zurich. The color-scheme of the website also reacts accordingly.

You better wear this today – filtered by location and weather condition.

In a playful manner, the user can alter the filter to any place (and its real-time weather conditions) worldwide.

Kevin’s Note – adding a personal touch.

Every single piece of the collection has a personal note pointing out the products (hidden) uniqueness, going beyond pure functional feature-communication.

Reduce to the max.

No classic navigation, just a single page. With a clear focus on the products, the concept of the store and its brands.
Strong, bold typography with supportive animations make the website a slick state-of the art appearance.



Concept, UX Direction, Art Direction, Frontend, Backend

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