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Jungfraubahnen – wintermaps 2020+

Just in time for the new ski-season, we reworked the 3D visuals of the area and created a completely new mobile experience for the Jungfrau ski region. At the same time, we built an application that serves the screens at the new terminal in Grindelwald.

Mobile experience

When on the slopes, users have very little time interacting with a screen. So it was our goal to give a one-screen, no-interaction option and still have all the mandatory information at hand. All the additional information is only one pinch and a tap away.

Info-screens Grindelwald terminal

Two huge 85” screens inform the skiers about the current situation up above before their departure. While one screen is displaying the map, the other screen is showing live weather data and webcam feeds of different locations.

Design patterns

We defined consistent design elements and patterns for displaying all content in a coherent way.

Website, PWA
Concept, UX Direction, Visual Direction, Frontend, Backend, 3D Production
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Jungfraubahnen infotainment

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Jungfraubahnen infotainment