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Jungfraubahnen Management AG is working worldwide with its international sales team to generate new business. We were asked to create a digital sales manual.

Up until last year, the tools used were mainly printed brochures and PowerPoint presentations in 12 languages. Both dealing with the typical problems of quickly outdated information as well as a rigid, inflexible structure. Not to mention versions of nearly identical ppt-documents piling up on the servers.

To understand what a digital sales manual might be, we followed a classic design thinking process. We conducted interviews and user shadowing to build up in-depth knowledge about the way the sales team works and their needs and wishes. This resulted not only in a digital sales manual but a full digital transformation of the entire sales process.


The concept

The concept follows five main principles: immersion and information design, flexibility and modularity, up-to-dateness, offline usability and present and shareability.


Immersion and information design

Content is the key – together with the sales team, we reworked every bit of it. Most content is presented through moving images. Custom 3d-animations give the audience an idea of the whereabouts. Detailed information such as group offers, packages and train routes are presented through specific information design templates.

Flexibility and modularity

Sales reps have to deal with heterogeneous situations: the duration of a presentation ranges from 10 to 60 minutes, the audience from one up to 100 persons.

So we created a flexible system that allows users to quickly select and adjust any information as well as change the order. Within a few clicks, a custom presentation is ready.


Without further ado, all information is up to date on any presentation out there. Whenever there are new videos or even small adjustments to texts or prices, the outdated information is changed through a headless CMS and immediately replaced everywhere. Through custom slides, sales reps are able to add individual attractions and offers to their respective presentation within seconds.

Offline usability

Despite being an online tool, we had to make sure that the presentations work seamlessly in all conditions. So we set up the system to work as a progressive web app (PWA). It allows sales reps to put together their presentations even when on a plane and reliably present in all kinds of on or offline situations they face along their sales trips.

Present and shareability

Based on the selected slides, the system automatically generates a custom website. The link can be shared by the sales reps as a follow-up to their audience, giving them the chance to enlarge upon the presented information.

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