Project V-Bahn


In the tradition of its visionary pioneer Guyer-Zeller and his bold idea to build train tracks through Eiger and Mönch and thus creating Europes highest railway station, the Jungfraubahnen were realising the V-Bahn Project.

The construction for the CHF 470 Million strong project startet in July 2018. Since December 2020 the new terminal in Grindelwald serves as the starting point for the Eiger Express, the worlds most modern 3S-Gondola towards the Eiger-Glacier as well as a new Gondola up Männlichen. Spectacular rides and short travel times included.


During the 2 years long process of building the elements of the V-Bahn, our task was to inform the broad international public as well as the locals about the ongoing development. To create awareness and desire for the most innovative and exciting building-project of the alps.

The Pavillon

The idea of the pavillon was to give the visitor comprehensive information about the V-Bahn project.

4 areas – one message: innovation and enthusiasm:





Gondola model


Video Wall

The left side provides brief information about the milestones until the final completion of all 8 elements in December 2020. The current milestone and a countdown until the opening date are shown alternately on a display right next to the entrance of the pavillon.

A huge screen provides emotional information about the current status of the construction work. For this purpose, films were produced every month that document the work in a kind of «construction diary».

At the heart of the pavillon, visitors enter the «Excitement Core» . It consists of a steel structure that is modeled on a gondola, equipped with 10 original seats of the Eiger Express

360° VR-experience.

A specifically produced 4-minute 360°-clip shows the spectacular highlights of the gondola ride, leading along the Eiger north face to the Eigergletscher station. The virtual ride can be experienced through 8 VR-headsets, while sitting in the gondola model.

The Website

During the construction phase, the website served as a central, up-to-date information and marketing platform for a broad audience: from local residents to international visitors of the region, media professionals and the general public.
A modern, sublime design and fine animations turn the user experience into a brand experience, initiating the next step for the Jungfrau digital design language.

3D Assets

Numerous 3D assets were produced for a variety of communication purposes, ranging from hi-res print renders to image-films.

Concept, CREATIVE DIRECTION, Art Direction, Development, 3D-Production


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