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Innovation Park Zurich

IPZ is a vibrant community where innovators, researchers, and industry leaders converge, driven by a shared purpose to explore cutting-edge advancements. Within their state-of-the-art labs, prototyping facilities, and collaborative spaces, they foster creativity and breakthroughs. Anchored by specific focus areas, the innovation park actively collaborates with established academic partners in its ecosystem, uniting academia and industry for transformative innovation.

A New Chapter Unfolds

A new chapter is unfolding for the innovation park: starting from April 2024, the converted hangars will host the UZH Space Hub and the ETH, with the first new buildings slated to emerge by 2026. heimoto was commissioned to refine a website for these transformative times — one that not only embodies the ethos of “connecting great minds” but also delivers authentic, high-quality content.

Connecting great minds

The Innovation Park Zurich requires a fresh (digital) presence that meets the international standards of the project. The website aims to position the innovation park as a premier international hub in robotics & mobility, aerospace, and production technology. Its primary objectives are to attract tenants and to inform the public effectively.

Central to this endeavor are compelling narratives, vividly told by protagonists, which render research and development accessible and relevant to a broad audience.

The website dynamically presents topics to provide recurring value for users. To ensure engagement, we employ a diverse range of narrative formats, from concise infographics to extensive text sections, interviews, video portraits, photo reports, and interactive experiences. All stories are developed in close collaboration with Schroten.

Moreover, the website is envisioned as a testing ground for pioneering narrative formats that can be leveraged for media partnerships, publications, or PR initiatives.

In tandem with the website overhaul, we’ve refreshed the design language, leveraging new photography by Zeljko Gataric and stunning 3D visuals by Loop Associates . As a final touch, we’ve crafted (yet again ☺️) captivating stickers to enhance the park’s visual identity.

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