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Glutform – fireplace manufacturer branding

Glutform is a leading specialist in the creation of bespoke fireplaces and the sale of branded fireplace products. The company has amalgamated various entities into one cohesive organization, necessitating the development of a new corporate design. heimoto spearheaded this initiative, commencing with the brand architecture and nomenclature, logo-design, tagline, and culminating in fleet branding and the creation of digital assets.

Visual Language

The visual identity is crafted around an exceptional yet harmonious color palette, spanning from deep reds and soft beiges to copper accents. The selected typeface, «Articulat», is a geometric sans-serif font offering a wide array of styles, all exuding boldness, clarity, and precision. The newly devised logo ingeniously abstracts the dynamic essence of flickering flames, embellished in copper for a distinctive touch.


The new imagery portrays fireplaces as design masterpieces, recognizing their status as luxury commodities. Products are artfully showcased in abstract, stylized settings that span a diverse range of interior design styles. Importantly, there is a deliberate omission of people to sidestep the representation of gender, diversity, and age. The utilization of 3D production ensures high-quality replication and an independent visual identity.

Complete Package

As a comprehensive digital service studio, heimoto consistently begins its corporate design journey with a digital perspective, subsequently extending these guidelines to encompass other touchpoints. This approach culminates in a comprehensive corporate design package encompassing business cards, work attire, digital platforms, and fleet branding, all executed in perfect harmony with meticulous attention to detail and high flexibility.

Brand Design

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