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image concept and shoot for relaunch

heimoto was asked to develop an image concept for the relaunch of the CSS website. After a detailed analysis of the imagery used by Swiss health insurance companies, we came to the conclusion that the images are either completely interchangeable or the only kind of differentiation is achieved through very artificial add-ons. The goal was to create an authentic and independent visual environment that communicates compassion and naturalness.

The new image concept is based on the idea of a lived life. To achieve the most natural look, we shoot real people instead of models. Whenever possible, the families were genuine from children to grandparents, so the interaction between them felt unaffected. Also placing them in their homes within their inherent settings had a positive effect on the result.

We shot for five days in three different – typically Swiss – locations. An old classical building as well as a modern housing development within the city. In contrast to the two urban locations was a single-family home in a rural environment.

Using natural optics, perspectives and light we captured authentic situations. Using rather long shots instead of close-ups, to create the story around the hero, and not the protagonist itself.

Image concept, Creative Direction
/W Unic, Das Bild

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Part of Master – Best of Swiss Web, 2021

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