make coke happen – Recruiting Campaign

heimoto was asked to make Coca-Cola Switzerland stand out as an employer at the annual “Absolventenkongress” – an event where all swiss high-potentials gather. At the same time, find 14 appropriate candidates for each of the Coca-Cola management trainee positions.

The solution: during the event, customized Coke-cans stated who Coca-Cola Switzerland is looking for: Troubleshooters, Teamplayers, Go-Getters, Querdenker, and Durchstarter.

Those interested were then invited in a Photobooth, where they took their selfies, and show how well they matched each of the profiles characteristics. Those pictures were all gathered on our online-platform and then shared on the usual social platforms. Each user tried to gather as many votes as possible – aiming for one of the two top-positions that guaranteed access to the assessement-center and skipping the usual application procedure.

Recruiting Platform
Concept, UX, Design, Realisation

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