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Bullitt Productions

Bullitt is the preferred partner for exceptional event organisations worldwide. They excel in detailed technical and logistical planning, seamlessly bringing events to life. Specializing in flawless execution, Bullitt offers a comprehensive suite of services for events, shows, and live touring productions.

In addition to their event expertise, Bullitt extends its reach by delivering branding and signage services to an international clientele, spanning both football (the real „football“) and corporate domains.

The hidden champion

Despite working with and for the major players in both areas, Bullitt prefers to maintain a low profile. The challenge in designing their new website was to showcase the global scale of their work while preserving their understated approach.

Consequently, the decision was made to avoid highlighting prominent names upfront. Instead, the focus is on showcasing Bullitts services and explaining their meaning (as, truthfully, even their clients may – sometimes – not be fully aware).

True to its name, Bullitts founders are avid cinephiles. We’ve meticulously crafted the typography and overall style, drawing inspiration from the iconic film posters of the late ’60s. 

The fusion of dynamic typography, smooth, seamless page-transitions, sophisticated 3D assets enhancing project pages, and playful ‘stickers’ culminates in a distinctive and modern aesthetic.

Alongside the website overhaul, we revamped all the corporate design elements and added a nice touch with some eye-catching stickers.

Website, Corporate Design Revamp
Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, 3D-Production, Realisation



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