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Each of the more than 2’000 stations in Switzerland got their repsective landingpage on the new From railway and shopping-hotspots like the Zurich Main-Station (aka ShopVille-Zürich Hauptbahnhof), to the more remote stations of Liestal or Zernetz, users get all necessary information.

Swiss stations come in 3 sizes – S, M, L

A modular system caters the differing stations line-up. It is categorized into three sizes: S,M, and L. For each category, a set of modules is available. Each station at least consists of a map and a list of available services on location. Large stations also show a detailed overview of Shops & Services and specific News & Events.

Shops & Services tracked in realtime

Marketing a railway-station nowadays means marketing a Shopping Mall. One that is open 365 days a year and most of the hours a day, combined with the obvious ease of getting there. This puts the stations in an unrivaled position compared to conservative malls.

To emphasize this USP, we track and show the number of all open shops and services in realtime.

Tangible Filters

To find a specific service or shop, one can use a tag-based filter. The result can be furthter clustered into currently open shops only, to give users an even more refined overview.

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