– Leisure and holidays

Within the relaunch of, restructuring and redesigning the “leisure and holidays” section was a major (and much needed) task. As the holiday market is highly competitive, there had to be an attractive but functional entry-point into the myriads of offers.

We guide users from inspirational landing pages to one of the 800 specific offers, that match their ideas.

Find your trip or it finds you

Whether a city trip to Rome or a relaxed afternoon on Mount Titlis: the innovative «leisure and holiday-finder» leads the customers directly to the desired offer. The filter works in two steps. The search is started by selecting preferences and followed by an optional geo-based filtering on the result page.

Offer pages in two shapes

Depending on the availability of images, the editor can choose between 2 variations of offer-pages.
One comes with a highly emotional bleeding-edge background-image that results in a stunning user experience.
The other has a bit less visual impact, but still features a full width image option.
Both pages come with sales-driven call-to-actions right in the first fold.

Concept, UX DIRECTION, Art Direction, Frontend



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